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What are the factors affecting the steaming effect of instant noodles production?

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Steaming noodles is to steam the noodles through steam at a certain time and temperature.  It's actually a process of starch gelatinization.  Gelatinization is the process of starch particles swelling and cracking at the appropriate temperature to form a paste, and starch molecules are arranged in a chaotic manner according to a certain law, so that enzyme molecules are easy to enter between molecules and easy to digest and absorb.
Process requirements:  
The gelatinized starch will be revived, that is, the molecular structure will become β-like, so it is necessary to maximize the gelatinization degree during steaming.  A gelatinization degree greater than 80% is usually required. 
Specific operation:  
Control the running speed of the mesh belt, set the steam pressure before and after the steam box, ensure that the front temperature and the rear temperature meet the process requirements, and ensure that the noodles meet the gelatinization requirements in a certain time.  The installation of the steam box is generally low in the front and high in the back to ensure the condensate backflow, and the steam pressure is also low in the front and high in the back. 
Main functions:  
At the lower end of the steamer, the temperature of the noodles is low, which condenses part of the steam and increases the water content of the noodles, which is conducive to gelatinization.  At the high end of the steaming box, the steam volume is large and the temperature is high, which heats up the noodles and further improves the gelatinization degree. 
Influencing factors:  

1. Water content of noodles  
First of all, gelatinization, that is, gelatinization of starch, is to let starch particles swell at the right temperature, and gradually uniform the formation of paste.  Therefore, the first condition for gelatinization is the availability of appropriate water.  
The water content of noodles is proportional to the degree of gelatinization.  Under the same steaming temperature, the higher the water content of wet noodles, the higher the gelatinization degree.  
In the process of steaming noodles, it is also necessary to make the noodles absorb as much water as possible, and the internal design of the noodles steaming machine in the instant noodle production line also follows this principle, in addition to the steam heating device, it is also equipped with a humidifying device to promote the gelatinization of starch.  Wet steaming is a way to make the noodles inside the steamer absorb more water, so that the steamed noodles are shiny, transparent and look good.  

2. Temperature of steaming noodles  
Starch gelatinization should have an appropriate temperature, and the higher the steaming surface temperature is, the higher the gelatinization degree is.  
The gelatinization temperature of wheat flour is 59.5℃~64℃, so that noodles gelatinization of wheat flour as raw materials, and the temperature of steamed noodles must be above 64℃.  In the production of instant noodles, the inlet temperature of the steamer is 90 ° C ~95 ° C, and the outlet temperature is 95 ° C ~100 ° C, which determines that the gelatinization conditions are met.  

3. Steaming time  
The steaming time is proportional to the gelatinization degree. Extending the steaming time can improve the gelatinization rate, shorten the heating time, and reduce the gelatinization rate.  

4. The thickness of the noodles and the thickness of the noodles  
Noodles thin, flower shape thin surface easy to steam, gelatinization degree is high;  Conversely, the gelatinization degree is low. 
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