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What are the factors affecting the cutting and shaping of instant noodles production?

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After calendering,the noodle strip is cut into strips by a pair of knife rollers and sent to the forming mesh belt through the forming machine bed. Due to the fast cutting speed of the blade and the small forming speed of the mesh belt, the speed difference between the two causes the slim to form a wavy shape, which is unique to instant noodles.
Process requirements:
The noodles are smooth, without parallel or thick stripes, with neat ripples and no connections between rows.
Influencing factors:
1. Noodle quality
The noodles contain too much water, and after being cut and formed, the pattern collapses and accumulates; Too little water content, loose and irregular flower patterns. If the noodle has broken edges or holes, it will form a broken strip. If the noodle is too thick, there will be wrinkles on the surface of the strip after molding.
2. Noodle knife quality
If the meshing of the toothed rollers of the knife roller is not deep enough and the noodles are cut continuously, it will cause drawing; The surface of the toothed roller is rough, and there will be burrs when cutting the noodles, resulting in poor smoothness. Insufficient compression of the noodle can cause impurities to accumulate in the grooves of the noodle cutter. There are impurities inside the formed box, which can cause hanging strips.
3. The ratio of blade roller speed to forming mesh belt speed
If the ratio is too large, the pattern of noodles will accumulate, which will lead to opaque steaming and deep-frying;  If the ratio is too small, the waves of the noodles are too large and loose, which will lead to insufficient pastry weight.  
In addition, the pressure on the front wall of the formed guide box can also affect the density of the pattern.
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