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What are the factors affecting the awakening effect of instant noodle production?

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Curing, commonly known as "awakening dough", is the process of further improving the processing performance of dough over time.
Main functions:
1.Further infiltration of water into the interior of protein colloidal particles, sufficient water absorption and expansion, further forming a gluten network, is actually a continuation of the kneading process.
2.Eliminate the internal structural stability of the dough.
3.Automatically regulate the moisture content of protein and starch quality inspection to homogenize them.
4.Plays a role in uniform feeding for composite rolling.
Specific operations:
 Put the kneaded dough into a low speed kneading plate and stir at low temperature and low speed to complete the awakening process. Require a wake-up time of no less than 10 minutes.
Influencing factors:
1. Waking time
The duration of facial awakening is the main factor affecting the effectiveness of facial awakening. The usual wake-up time should not exceed 30 minutes, but should not be less than 10 minutes. The awakening time is too short, and the gluten network is not fully formed, making the dough cake not resistant to soaking and easy to mix with soup.
2. Mixing speed
The awakening process requires static operation, but in order to avoid clumping of dough and difficulties in feeding during rolling, low-speed stirring is adopted. The stirring speed is based on the principle of preventing clumping and meeting the feeding requirements, usually 5-8 revolutions per minute.
3. Waking temperature
The temperature of the waking face is lower than that of the warming face. Usually at 25 ℃, pay attention to maintaining the moisture content of the dough when waking up.
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