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What are the factors affecting the Calendering effect of instant noodles production?

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Calendering is also called "composite calendering", referred to as double pressing.  The dough after awakening is pressed into two pieces by two parallel rollers, the two pieces of parallel overlap, through a roller, that is, is compounded into a uniform thickness of solid surface. 
Main functions:  
1.Press the loose dough into a fine, thin sheet that meets the specified requirements.  
2.Further promote the gluten network organization fine-grained, and make the fine network organization evenly distributed in the sheet, surround the starch particles, so that the sheet has a certain toughness and strength.
Process requirements:
Ensure uniform thickness, smoothness, no broken edges or holes, uniform color, and certain toughness and strength of the noodles.
Influencing factors:
1. Technological performance of dough
The dough that is evenly dry and wet, with sufficient gluten formation, appropriate temperature, and good structural properties, has good quality after re pressing; On the contrary, the compression effect is poor.
2. Calendering multiple  
Calendering ratio = Thickness of calendering front sheet/thickness of calendering back sheet.  The larger the calendering ratio is, the stronger the extrusion action is, and the finer the internal gluten network is.  However, it should be noted that too much calender will damage the press roll.  
3. Calender ratio  
If the calendering ratio is too small, the number of press rolls will increase, which is unreasonable.  If the calendering ratio is too large, the formed gluten network will be over-stretched, which exceeds the gluten bearing capacity, and the formed gluten will be torn. Proper calendering ratio is very beneficial to the fineness of the network organization.  
In addition, the diameter of the roller, the number of calender tracks and the rotational speed of the roller will affect the calender effect. 
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