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How long is the maintenance cycle of the Straw sticking machine?

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The maintenance cycle of straw sticking machines usually depends on the frequency of equipment use and working environment. Generally speaking, it is recommended to maintain according to the following cycle:
Daily maintenance:
Perform a simple cleaning and inspection once a day, including cleaning the surface of the equipment for dust and debris, and checking for any looseness or abnormal wear of various components.
Weekly maintenance:
Carry out a detailed inspection and maintenance of the equipment once a week, including checking the fastening of each component, the working status of the lubrication system, the connection of the electrical system, etc., and carry out necessary cleaning and adjustment.
Monthly maintenance:
Carry out comprehensive maintenance once a month, including thorough cleaning and inspection of all parts of the equipment, replacement of severely worn parts, lubrication and maintenance of key components, etc.
Quarterly maintenance:
Carry out in-depth maintenance and upkeep on the equipment every quarter, including inspecting and evaluating the overall structure of the equipment, replacing and upgrading key components, and conducting comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the equipment.
In addition, for straw pasting machines with poor operating environments or heavy workloads, it may be necessary to shorten maintenance cycles and increase maintenance frequency to ensure stable operation of the equipment and extend its service life. At the same time, for newly purchased equipment, it is also necessary to strengthen maintenance and observation during the initial use stage, in order to timely discover and solve potential problems.
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