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Precautions for operating the straw sticking machine

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Operating a straw applicator is a convenient and effective way to wrap and seal straws, but safety must be a priority when using this equipment. By following a few key precautions, you can ensure a safe and productive work environment for you and your team.

First: Safety matters:
1.Hot melt adhesive are organic compounds and have a high temperature, posing a risk of injury to human skin. Before operation, be sure to wear protective equipment such as safety gloves and goggles to avoid injury.
2.During the operation of the machine, do not touch rotating parts with your hands.
3.During operation, attention should be paid to the temperature and fluidity of the adhesive to avoid scalding or splashing.
4.When cleaning the straw sticking machine, the power should be cut off first to avoid electric shock accidents.
Second: Preparation before production
1.Clean the inside and outside of the machine with a rag and check if all parts are normal.
2.Check if there is any colloid on the chain.
3.Check if the liquid level of the glue inside the box reaches the specified level.
4.Remove dirt from the chain and check for straws and debris inside the motor box.
5.Turn the belt of the cutter by hand and observe if the cutter enters the wheel hub without rubbing it. 
6.Prepare the hot melt adhesive and straw to fit the requirements.
Third: Preheat
1.Observe if the electricity and gas are normal.
2.Put on the straw, start the test and observe if the straw enters and exits the hub smoothly, and if there is any flipping.
3.Put on the straw, start the test and observe if the straw enters and exits the hub smoothly.
4.Check the set temperature of the rubber box; Set temperature of the rubber hose; Glue gun temperature. Are the temperatures showing an upward trend.
5.All preparation work is completed, and production can be notified at this time.
1.5 minutes before starting the filling machine, turn on the motors of each chain and lubricate the chains. Start the button and wait for production.
2.When the packaging box passes through the straw sticking machine, check the position of the straw for mechanical damage and whether the position of the adhesive points is correct.
3.When the filling machine malfunctions, manually pack the last bag in time to avoid the chain wearing the bottom of the bag.
4.When the packing machine fails, pick up the bag in front of the straw sticking machine in time.  So as not to accumulate too much wear bag bottom. 
5.When the pipe is pushed into the straw sticking machine,it should be kept level to avoid dislocation and inclination.
6.Pay attention to the use of straws during production and supplement straws.
7.Check the liquid level of the rubber box every hour and replenish it in time.
8.Check the straw position of the bag every 10 minutes, for mechanical damage, and the position of the adhesive points.
FifthEnd of Production
1.Remove waste bags and other waste.
2.Clean the inside and outside of the straw sticking machine to prepare for the next production.
3.Shut down the transport chain motor and the straw sticking machine in time.
4.Prepare for the next production cycle.
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