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Inner teabag packing machine is controlled by intelligent temperature controller, which ensures that the sealing has good appearance and flatness....Read more



Inner teabag packing machine has the function of auto filling, bag sealing, auto counting, etc. It conforms to food hygiene standard and low cost high-efficiency ideal equipment for tea and foodstuff industrial sector.
The teabag package machine could finish bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, coding and counting full automatically.
The packing material is heat seal-able rolled packing film, the cost is lower, measure with volume cups, with 1-2% error, the bag former and vertical/horizontal sealing finish bag forming.


This filter paper teabag packing machine mainly used packaging of medicine tea, beauty-slimming tea, health-strengthening tea or other similar fine-particle products.
All kinds of composite film packaging materials and tea filter paper


Computer control, intelligent temperature control system, color mark tracking device.
The mechanical structure rational, the main machine speed is controlled by worm gear motor, easy to adjust speed.
Low noise, stable system, simple operation.
All the contact part of the tea bag package machine is made from SS304, clean and safe, easy for cleaning.
According to adjusting and changing volume cups, we can change feeding volume, also we can change bag former to change bag width. 
The machine’s operation is simple and convenient, tiny power to save energy.
The packing data and adjustment can be displayed on the screen. The user can directly operate it on it.

Technique Performance:

Model YY-T3A
BAG SIZE L: 40-100mm W: 45-75mm
 CAPACITY   40-60bag/min
DIMENSION 640x1100x1850 mm

tea sachet packing machine
Inner Teabag Packing Machine